How to get a loan

loans issuance fully automated. To apply for a loan, Nebeus users can create a loan request on the page

loan issuance:

  1. Choose Loan type

  2. Specify the account from which the deposit will be debited.

  3. Choose Loan currency

  4. Confirm Loan request

As soon as the pledge is withdrawn, the loan will be credited to borrowers account ( specified as Loan Currency). It usually takes ≈ 10 seconds.

Loan terms:

72% loan to value

One loan Limits

Interest rate

6.12% - 10.55% ( APR )

Min - Max Term

3 - 36 months

BTC: Min - Max pledge Amount

Equal €250

Number of active loans


Loan repayment schedule

Monthly repayment: On the day of monthly payment, the account has to have sufficient funds.

Pledge return:

After the loan is paid in full, the deposit will be credited back to borrowers account within 24 hours.

After the loan is repaid, the borrower gets collateral back, even if the collateral has increased in value.

Please see our Channels for Withdrawal