Can I sell my shares?

Although we plan to be listed on an exchange, it might not happen for some time. As we are not currently listed, you will be unable to sell your shares freely.

We are exploring the option of registering in private markets. For now, we make annual sales of shares, 8% each year.

50% of the raise goes towards development and expansion. 50% is used to buy shares from current investors. The shares of those who wish to sell are purchased pro-rata.

E.g., if we raised €1M, €500K is used to buy the shares. If more than €500K is for sale, we buy pro-rata, the more shares you have, the more we'll buy from you. We estimate that every investor will be able to sell half of his shares in the next round and liquidate their investment in two years.

Each investor will receive a communication from Nebeus, before the next investment round, informing them of their options: buy more shares, indicate their desire to sell some or all of their shares from previous rounds.